Employing Social Media and SEO to Increase Corporate Visibility

With strategic emphasis on increasing your firm’s online presence through Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, your business can influence the conversation about your market space and attract new clients. Sharing ideas helps others to understand your company better and allows clients to see your firm as approachable, intelligent, and able to formulate original innovative solutions.

Styles of communication online or in person range from formal to informal. The context of your business and nature of your target market will influence how you choose to communicate with your clients and customers. You may use Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, live chat, Google+, our mobile phone, text, webcasting, video or video-conferencing. Of course your company will need to be ahead of the trends in your industry, knowledgeable on current topics, have some interesting case studies and insights on relevant topics. Focus on posting and publishing thoughts and content of interest to others – content your clients will be likely to share.

Step 1: Identify a few people in your community who are actively using social media. This will increase your chances or reaching larger audiences and more like-minded people.

Step 2: Take the time to prequalify these individuals by reading through their blog, white papers and articles to vet/validate their industry knowledge.

Step 3: Share information with other thought leaders in the business community, gurus of your industry, your peers, your competition, your alliances and your clients. Invite them to comment, engage and visit you and your team on your blog or at other points of convergence.

Step 4: Review success stories of your clients, give examples of how your work has created return on investment for your clients and talk about the concepts that your clients find interest in over and over. Create a company blog and participate in other industry blogs, exchange ideas with other thought leaders who influence your company, your business sector and other innovators in your industry. Every time you post to your blog or any other industry blog or forum, you are creating awareness for your firm and a potential link to your corporate web site.

Join a forum on LinkedIn and share interesting information, discoveries, and ideas. Formulate concepts and solutions together. Use LinkedIn to cultivate a following of business leaders, influencers, and amazing people in your industry.

Utilize the power of video. Videos are not only more engaging than written posts, they actively increase your search engine rating by adding a category that your competitors lack. Creating a company web page on YouTube is quick and easy. Post online video tutorials training people on what your do. Post success stories highlighting client case studies, or just post interviews with people who influence your industry.

Social media and social networking is about openness, authenticity and sharing. Share your best ideas with clients and with each other. Introduce your clients to each other. This increases your visibility and their visibility and positions you as a clear ally in their future success. Sincerely advocating and endorsing our clients’ brands, philosophy and culture, services and products supports who they are and what they do in a context of credibility, trust, and results.

When you strategically engage social media you gain insight into your customer and what they want from you and your firm. You understand your potential customer personally and professionally, allowing you to provide a new and better customer experience. Most importantly, you form new business relationships based on trust and sharing.

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